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Age: 43
Name: Shandra Love
Location: Houston, TX
Occupation: Photographer
Favorite Poet: Maya Angelou
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Author Shandra Love








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W ith "My Journey Back, My One Mile: A Sister's Grief," Ms. Love has turned one of her darkest hours into a time of triumph and healing. Following the death of her little sister "Angel," she would find herself spiraling out of control and uncertain of continued emotional stability. In recalling memories of their youth, she became obsessed with getting their story told and refused to rest until it was a completed project. Being used to having the answers for everyone else and being what they seemed to need, it wasn't long before she'd find that she was the one in need of saving. For a brief moment, denial, pride, and profound grief would cause her to lose touch with reality, but the love and concern of her two daughters and a dear friend would help her to find her way back.

You will be absolutely astounded with the way that she has sprinkled their childhood shenanigans throughout the carefully woven flow of the book. Be prepared to laugh one minute and cry the next. It has caught on like wildfire and has resulted in many speaking engagements in many different cities. She'll definitely be one to watch and read. Recently, she and four on-line message board 'buddies' completed a collaborated effort titled "Universal Moods: Short Stories and Poetry to Stir the Mind, Body and Soul." It's chock full of poetry and short stories that will stimulate every emotion you ever knew you had.

Ms. Love, the single 43 year-old mother of two daughters, was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She was the sixth of nine children. She resides in Houston, TX, where she is also an all occasion photographer. She is currently working on two other highly anticipated books.


~ New Books ~

"Less of Me, More of You - The Gift of an Aunt" - Author Shandra Love
"When Katrina Stood Down, We Came Running, but Rita Tripped Us" - Author Shandra Love

Pieces. Parts of Me - Author Shandra Love
My Journey Back, My One Mile: A Sister's Grief - Author Shandra Love
Universal Moods - Short Stories and Poetry to Stir the Mind, Body, and Soul... - Co-Author Shandra Love & Friends


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July 14-16, 2006 - Los Angeles Black Book Expo, Los Angeles, California

July 21, 2006 - Good Friday's, 7:00 p.m. Arlington, Texas

July 22, 2006 - Black Images Book Bazaar, 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Dallas, Texas

July 22, 2006 - Nanny Grannies, 4:00 p.m. Plano, Texas

July 23, 2006 - Nanny Grannies, 10:00 a.m. Nanny Grannies, Plano, Texas

August 26-27, 2006 - "Tulisoma" - Dallas, Texas

October 19-22, 2006 - "Texas Size Book Club Meeting" - Houston, Texas hosted by Cover2Cover Book Club

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